E Fire offers inspections, testing, and service for all of your Exit and Emergency Lighting needs in accordance with Life Safety Code 101 and OSHA requirements. Exit and emergency lighting systems are a necessary component of a fire protection plan.  Your emergency lighting equipment is designed to provide illumination during power outages.  Exit signs will also illuminate the paths of egress during an outage or fire emergency.  These lighting systems increase your security and safety and are required (to meet current codes).

OSHA, NFPA, as well as your local fire inspector have established these standards and expect you to keep your equipment in a functional state.

E Fire can provide testing/troubleshooting for your units, replacement batteries, chargers, and bulbs, as needed to keep your emergency lighting units functioning properly. Monthly and Annual inspection options are available to fit your specific needs.  When the power goes out, E Fire can help keep you out of the dark.